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January 22, 2010


Poll Jan 21, 2010 answer if you can!

January 21, 2010

SAVING ENERGY -day to day behaviours

January 14, 2010

Two houses equipped with the same heating system, same cooling system and the same appliances but one home consumed twice as much energy as the other.

“that tells me it’s totally behavioural” says Peter Love energy conservation expert.

Love Energy Consultants – Peter Love

He suggests “tightening the house–good old caulking and weatherstripping is probably the single cheapest and most cost-effective thing they can do” Love says.  The payback is in months.

He says when you add up every crack and gap and leak, the average home has a 60 centimeter-diameter hole through which heat escapes in winter and enters in summer.  That’s the equivalent of leaving a window wide open all year round. 

Day to day behaviours – turn down the heat when you go to work (programmable thermostate).  If you’ve purchased a power bar, do you flick it off?  

Half full dishwasher loads? on your Energy Star Dishwasher

Tip sheets available from Ontario Power Gneration’s count me in.

100 different ways to cut consumption. 

 But Love prefers his own simple list.

Think about energy and electricity, believe that if you do something it will make a difference, act.  Three short steps—a choice.

Peter Love –

Check out this site for more information on conservation of energy.