It is intriguing to watch the opposition parties in Ottawa straining at the gnat determined to find something, anything to discredit Prime Minister Harper.  The latest issue is for proroguing Parliament.

If the opposition parties had done their homework well, they would have found that it is not something new, not an idea borrowed from the United States or elsewhere.

Canada became a nation 143 years ago.  During that period, Parliament has been prorogued 105 times, making that action taken an average of about once every 1.4 years.

For the opposition parties to question the use of a very legal and constitutional document leaves one to remind them about the gnat.

In recent times, PM Chretion prorogued Parliament four times. and PM Trudeau used it 11 times.

Proroguing Parliament has been part and parcel of our Canadian Political history.

Garnet Bloomfield, London, ON.

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